About me

I am a recent graduate with an associate's in web design & front-end development. My work has also left me with experience in web design and graphic design. I have worked for 8 months, redesigning the Minnesota Historical Society website. In addition, I worked for a year designing professional, informational flyers, posters, and other graphics, both for print and for digital displays.

As designer/ web developer I love to innovate in my projects. My personal brand is this portfolio and inspired by my lifelong challenges and achievements. About my brand colors: Blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. the light blue reminds me of the ocean waves in Salvador. The orange color represents energy and optimism for this new chapter for my life, after I graduate college. And the pink stands for love and kindness, this color reminds me of my life experiences when I moved to the United States. My logo expresses a robotic face using the letters of my name, to me it represents the future!

I am proficient with HTML, CSS, Sass, Twig, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript as well as Vue.js, and Python to a lesser extent. I also have skills in Figma, Adobe Illustrastor, Photoshop, XD among other tools.

Feel free to reach out to me using any of the methods below.

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